[HCDX]: Kiribati; DXpedition Loggings
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[HCDX]: Kiribati; DXpedition Loggings

> Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 09:12:47 +0100
> From: "Enzio Gehrig" <EGG51953@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [HCDX]: Pacific logs
> No sign of Kiribati. You guys on the US West Coast might want to let us
> when you hear something on 9810!
> 73,
> Enzio Gehrig
> Dénia / Spain (38.50N 00.04E)
> rx: nrd 535d mod +ar3030 mod
> ant: multiband dipole /mta /grahn

Enzio, Don Nelson and I heard a faint hetrodyne (het) on 9810 on Dec. 18th
and 19th during a DXpedition to the Washington State coast. I never could
pull any audio out of the signal, even with a 1000-foot Beverage aimed at
the South Pacific.

Mediumwave DX was fair, with mostly the usual Japanese stations heard this
time of year from the West Coast USA. Best logging by Don was the Solomon
Islands on 1035, heard parallel 5020. My best MW catch on this trip was a
lesser-heard frequency of Fiji Radio Two, 1467 Rakiraki.

Some of our shortwave loggings from the DXpedition are below.
SITE: Grayland Motel, Grayland Washington USA
ANTENNAS: 1000 ft. @ 240 degrees, 900 ft. @ 270 degrees(1000 ft prior to
abrupt termination by someone on the beach on 12/18), 1000 ft. @ 290
degrees, Wellbrook Comm. K9AY
All antennas multicoupled via Stridsberg Active Splitters.

Guy RX: JRC NRD-535GS (Gilfer) w/Kiwa mods
Don RX: 3 HF1000A's w/SE-3's, Collins 2050, NRD545, R7, R75

ANGOLA. 4950, 2351-0005, R. Nacional Dec 19 in at fair lvl with PP tk.
Tentative. (Nelson/Atkins)

AUSTRALIA. 6020, 0906-0930, R. Australia at dynamite S9+30db level Dec 18
with male Pidgin ancr, and sing-sing mx. At 0906, mentions of "salute em
military Bougainville" and "first round negotiations". Greetings given to
listeners in various Pacific locations. R. Australia ID hrd 0915, but also
multiple IDs as "R. Bougainville" (!) and mentions of 1994 volcanic eruption
near Rabaul. "PNG Service, R. Australia, Melbourne" ID at 0930.

GHANA. 4915, 0615-0628, GBC Dec 19 woman ancr speaking of African politics
in EG. ID "You are tuned to R. One of the GBC" at 0628, followed by
information of upcoming programs. Fair level. (Nelson/Atkins)

 4915, 2320-2345, GBC Dec 19 with Afropops rising nicely above noise to a gd
lvl by 2340. A Brazilian co-ch. station noted past 2340. (Nelson/Atkins)

 3366, 0544-0600, GBC Dec 20 with poor strength. ID by woman at 0545 "You
are listening to the ...Service of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation..."
followed by Man/woman talking at low levels. Into music at 0555

INDIA. 3223, 1545, AIR Shimla with sub-cont. mx and Hindi tk Dec 18. Weak,
but parallel 4760. (Nelson/Atkins)

 4800, 1530-1540, AIR Hyderabad Dec 18 fair with EG regional nx read by man.
Noted parallel 4775 Imphal (gd) and parallel 4760 pres. Pt. Blair (fair).

 4840, 1555-1600, AIR Mumbai Dec 18 at strong level with sub-cont. mx, male
& female ancr. Mentions of "Mumbai" at 1600. (Nelson/Atkins)

 4850, 1610, AIR Kohima, tentative Dec 18. Weak sub-cont. vcls; Chinese
opera co-ch. in background. Down into noise 1615. (Nelson/Atkins)

 4860, 0050-0100, AIR New Delhi Dec 19. Hindi film mx at tune-in; fair and
improving signal during grayline condx. ID by man at 0100. (Nelson/Atkins)

 4880, 0115-0120, AIR Lucknow Dec 20 bcsting man & woman ancrs in Hindi.
Sub-cont. vcls and flute mx 0119, followed by advertisement or jingle 0120.
Presumed; fair-gd with some ham QRM. (Nelson/Atkins)

 5010, 0035-0041 AIR Thiru'puram Dec 19 with EG nx read by man; "This is the
end of the news" and ID at 0040; into sub-cont. mx. Fair and improving
signal. (Nelson/Atkins)

 5990, 0125-0132, AIR Delhi hrd with vy gd signal Dec 20 of sub-cont. vcls
and tabla with female chorus 0125. Mentions of Delhi at 0132.

INDONESIA. 3215, 1535-1542, RRI Manado Dec 20 with EZL mx including
Christmas tune, and Indo tk by man. Fade-out by 1542. Tentative.

 3264.7, 1306-1314, RRI Gorontalo with Jakarta nx Dec 20, Bagimu Negeri
anthem, and ID by male ancr 1311. Fair, but strong ute co-channel. Lagu
romantik mx 1314. (Nelson/Atkins)

 3325, 1308-1311, RRI Palangkaraya noted Dec 20 parallel 3264.7 with Jakarta
nx relay. Bagimu Negeri anthem at 1310. Vy gd signal. (Nelson/Atkins)

 3344.8, 0851, RRI Ternate at gd level Dec 18 with Koranic recitations;
woman ancr with mentions of Ternate 0851. (Nelson/Atkins)

 3905, 0830-0835, RRI Merauke hrd with superb signal Dec 18 before a slow
fade. Koranic recitations, then ID 0832. (Nelson/Atkins)

 3976, 1040-1050, RRI Pontianak Dec 19 with haunting and beautiful lagu
melayu. Woman ancr with ID and frequency 1046 and into Koranic recitations.
Amusing children's tune 1050. Superb armchair copy! (Nelson/Atkins)

 4606.34, 1339-1341, RRI Serui Dec 20 with male ancr in Indonesian; slow
ballad. Poor-fair level; presumed. 3264.7, 1306-1314, RRI Gorontalo with
Jakarta nx Dec 20, Bagimu Negeri anthem, and ID by male ancr 1311. Fair, but
strong ute co-channel. Lagu romantik mx 1314. (Nelson/Atkins)

LESOTHO. 4800, 1615, LNBS with bouncy Mbganga harmonies Dec 18. Presumed,
but near-grayline condx existing. Fair level, and mixing with AIR Hyderabad.

MADAGASCAR. 3215, 1550-1602, AWR. Surprised to find a signal here Dec 20
after RRI Manado fade-out/sign off. "Glorify Thy Name" Christian chorus,
then "To God Be The Glory" IS tune at 1559. "Adventist World Radio" IDs by
man in EG and other langs. at 1600. Poor level. (Nelson/Atkins)

 5009.55, 1645-1700. RTV Malagasy.  Strong het by  Mad. SR, into poor-good
signal long after sunrise. News read by man, included various African
countries (Mali, Namibia...). Into music at 1653 followed by discourse by
male. Possible ID at ToH. Presumed. (Nelson/Atkins)

MAURITANIA. 4845, 2330-2335 R. Mauritanie Dec 19 hrd with Arabic discussion
by man, to Middle-eastern mx at 2332. Partial "Huna.." ID at 2335. Fair lvl
and building to gd. Presumed. (Nelson/Atkins)

MYANMAR. 4725, 1148-1201, R. Myanmar Dec 20 present with slow SE Asian vcls,
then upbeat pop mx and woman ancr 1159. Slow flute mx or IS, then woman with
poss. nx in pres. Burmese. Weak signal improving to fair-gd 1323.

NIGER. 5020, 0555-0613, LV Du Sahel with C&W or Spanish-sounding mx Dec 19
at 0555; ID 0600 in FR, and into EG nx. Faint, but peaking at Niger SR. Into
R&B and pop mx. (Nelson/Atkins)

NEPAL. 5005, 1415-1425, R. Nepal Dec 20. English news at good strength off
the W wire. Macao handover in the news. (Nelson/Atkins)

NIGERIA. 4770, 0540-0547, R. Nigeria tentative Dec 19 with weak tk and
African-sounding mx at Lagos SR. (Nelson/Atkins)

PAKISTAN. 4790, 0140-0200, Azad Kashmir R. with Islamic call to prayer vcls
0140 on Dec 20. Don noted that the call to prayer was parallel 5027 Quetta.
4790 not parallel to 5027 during discussions after call to prayer then
parallel again for Koranic recitations hrd 0153-0200.  ID(for both 4790 and
5027)ToH. 4970 into nx read by woman. Mentions of Delhi, Quetta, Indonesia,
and Nepal. Fair-gd for both Azid Kashmir and Quetta. (Nelson/Atkins)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 2410 - Enga noted each evening at good levels from a hour
BEFORE local SS (as were all the other PNGs 3220, 3260, 3315, 3325, 3385,
3905. 3395 noted most evenings.). Enga remained on the air until signoff at
1300*. On Dec 16 I left the 2050 on from 0720 to 1300 with MD's recording
the entire evening. All PNGs were playing a mixture of typical PNG with
Christmas music ("Mary's Baby Boy" appears to be this year's number one in
PNG). (Nelson/Atkins)
A bandscan on Dec 18 at 0900 showed the following frequencies with PNG
programming. All were at fair levels except as noted:
2410 gd
3315 gd
3325 gd
3385 vy gd
4890 exc
3365 noted weak on 19 Dec before 0900.  (Nelson/Atkins)

REP. OF CONGO. 9610, 1647-1701*, R. Congo Dec 18 with tk in FR by man to
1658 mentions of Congo & Brazzaville. Woman ancr at 1701 and into brief
soukous mx with "...du Congo" sung in the middle. Off abruptly at 1701*.
Good signal around Congo SS. This was repeated on following

TOGO. 5047, 2342-2350, R. Togolaise nice and clear Dec 19 with jazz tune "On
Broadway" at 2349, followed by R&B mx. Caught end of s/off anmts at 0004.

VANUATU. 4960, 0605, R. Vanuatu Dec 18 with EZL pops at poor-fair level.
Improving by 0620, and gd at 0645 w/EG ancr and island mx. Nx in FR at 0700.
Also hrd Dec 19 0750-0753 with exc signal of sing-sing mx and Bislama or
Pidgin tk. IS of drums and birdcall at 0753 and woman ancr with time check.

ZAMBIA. 4965, 1620-1631, R. Christian Voice with a gd level Dec 18.
African-accent male ancr in EG; short BBC excerpt to 1630, then ID by woman
"This is R. Christian Voice" at 1631. Nice reception on SW Beverage. On Dec
19, hrd with ID and TC by woman at fair lvl 1630. (Nelson/Atkins)

 6165, 1633-1635, R. Zambia Two tentative on Dec 18. Male ancr with EG tk of
African region politics, and afropop mx. Back to serious tk 1635.

 6265, 1630-1640, R. Zambia One with a great signal Dec 19 of African gospel
mx. Male ancr in African lang., with mentions of Zambia. (Nelson/Atkins)

ZIMBABWE. 4828, 1638-1646, ZBC Four, Dec 18 with continuous tk by man in
African lang. Poor-fair 1 hr. past lcl SR. (Nelson/Atkins)
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