[HCDX]: 1584 AM; Radio Caroline
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[HCDX]: 1584 AM; Radio Caroline

Dear fellow-DX-ers,

Regarding the test-transmissions of "1584 AM" (Radio Caroline) I have got a
message from Ruud Vos, a fellow-DX-er in Utrecht who has paid a visit to mr.
Ruud Poeze, managing director of Quality Radio b.v., to-day. They have
designed a QSL-card with the logo of "1584 AM", may be later "Radio
Caroline" This logo will be used for the letters and enveloppes, too. Ruud
Vos has visited a printer and mr. Poeze has agreed with the costs of
printing the QSL-card. As soon as the cards are ready they will be send to
everybody who has send a correct report.
In the mean time "1584 AM" has received over 50 reports. As you will know
this week a letter containing general information has been send to those who
have send a reception report.
Ruud Vos told me that may be December 30th until January 4th there will be
another series of tests. There are some problems with the transmitter and
the aerial. There are plans to use a mast of about 100 metres on the
building of an electricity station on the west side of the city of Utrecht
provided there will be no disturbances
There are plans to set up another radiostation on a frequency of 1602 kHz in
the northeastern part of the Netherlands.

Henk Poortvliet, postbus 583, 3700 AN  Zeist, the Netherlands.
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