[HCDX]: Arutz Sheva raided in Israel
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[HCDX]: Arutz Sheva raided in Israel


  Two hundred police officers raided the Arutz 7 studios in Beit El on
Tuesday for illegally operating a radio station on Israeli soil, THE
JERUSALEM POST reported. Police said that Arutz 7 was broadcasting from its
Beit El studio and not merely from a ship off the coast of Israel as Arutz
staff had claimed. According to Israel Radio, KOL YISRAEL, Police
Commissioner Yossi Sadbon said that Arutz 7's broadcasts were interfering
with aircraft operations and military radio channels.
 The raid followed a general clampdown that began last May against 70
stations, including religious, secular, Russian and Arab stations. Police
said that Attorney General Elyakim Rubenstein authorized the raid.
to HA'ARETZ, sources at the Ministry of Justice said that the police had
acted on their own and possess the authority to oppose pirate radio
broadcasting in violation of the law.
  During the three hour search of the station, hundreds of Beit El
and individuals from surrounding settlements protested outside. The raid
stopped to avert possible bloodshed after Commander of the Judea and
District Maj.-Gen. Yitzhak Aharonivitz, during a conversation with Beit El
Rabbi Zalman Melamed, called Minister of Public Security Shlomo Ben-Ami.
  Arutz 7's station manager Ya'akov Katz called Tuesday's raid a foolish
attempt to silence the voice of the nationalist camp in Israel because of
showings in recent polls regarding a possible withdrawal from the Golan
Heights. Knesset Member Shaul Yahalom (NRP) told Prime Minister Ehud Barak
that his party would find it difficult to remain in the coalition if the
station's now legitimate broadcasts were disrupted. MK Haim Druckman (NRP)
advised colleagues to vote against the state budget, labeling the raid an
anti-democratic scandal.
  According to MA'ARIV, the Prime Minister's Office refuted the allegation
that Tuesday's raid was connected in any way to preparing for a struggle
over the Golan Heights.

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