Re: [HCDX]: Cape Cod MW Bandscan on the Web
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Re: [HCDX]: Cape Cod MW Bandscan on the Web

     I now live in Greensboro, NC, but grew up in the Daytona Beach area of 
FL (on the coast... maybe 2 miles inland on the river).  I always note your 
comments regarding hets on 1520 on the car radio, etc.  I listen at home, but 
can never hear them.  Now, I'm in FL for a week visiting my mother and you 
are so right.  1520 often comes up well before sundown, sometimes louder than 
WWKB.  I'm hearing an even bigger het on 1510.  In fact, they're all over the 
dial.  It's obvious what a help the hets would be in identifying signal 
strength from various areas at particular times.  I am going to try to list 
the ones I'm hearing, soon.  
     Listening to 560, I now recall hearing the het on WQAM as a kid.  I 
didn't know what it was at the time.  1314, Norway is fairly strong.  I have 
no frequency lists here, so I am only going by the few I remember in 
identifying the sources.  I have never logged a TA, but it's obvious that it 
could easily be done here with a beverage.  Maybe you can answer something 
for me.  Since 630 is a 9k spacing channel, what am I hearing there as a het? 
     Sure wish I'd brought a source book with me.  Can you suggest an online 
source that does not require a download?  I forget how I got lists at home 
without my Favorite Places.  Anyway, wanted to let you know how much I enjoy 
looking at your loggings when you post them.  I would love to do a trip to dx 
there sometime.  I need a decent radio!  I vacationed with my family on Cape 
Cod a few years back and visited the Marconi site, etc.  I think our hotel 
was near Denis, if I recall.  I took a SuperRadio to a point of land on the 
beach during the day and caught Norfolk on 850 and some others.  I guess 
1700, Miami would have been audible if they were on.  
     At night, from the hotel balcony, I heard 770, Columbia over WABC.  That 
really surprised me, but I've seen you show the same.  That area really rocks 
for reception.  Do I recall correctly that you actually mentioned hearing 
audio from 1521 on the car radio on one occasion?
     Forgive my stream-of-consciousness rambling, Mark.  


Brian Goodrich              
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