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Here is my first DX tips from our new Winter home in Rancho Mirage, CA.

550 KHZ   KGME   AZ, PHOENIX, good here with talk format "KGME" ID at
2306 EST 12/31 (PM-CA)

560 KHZ  KBLU  AZ, YUMA. This one is good all day here in the desert,
but non-existent after LSS. Talk format (PM-CA)

620 KHZ  KTAR  AZ, PHOENIX good Day & Night here  (PM-CA)

630 KHZ   KHOW   CO, DENVER, Talk format, then  "K-HOW" at 0105 EST
1/1/2000. (PM-CA)

670 KHZ   KLTT   CO, COMMERCE, good w/Rel format "K-Light" IDs. No sign
of KBOI down here 0034 EST 1/1/2000. This one is heard all day here too.

750 KHZ  KAMA  TX, EL PASO. in SS, man in EE saying "K-A-M-A" at 0055
EST 1/1/2000. (PM-CA)

1250 KHZ  KHIL   AZ, WILCOX, good on top w/C&W mx, weather cast 0106 EST
1/1/2000 "K-HIL" IDs. (PM-OR)

Hammarlund SP-600-JX19
Sanserino 3 foot Box Loop

Patrick Martin
69-975 Frank Sinatra Drive  #185
Rancho Mirage  CA  92270

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