Re: [HCDX]: Millenium logs
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Re: [HCDX]: Millenium logs

I just finished some extensive reading of Y2K news on
Yahoo and didn't see a thing about Brazil. Perhaps
these stations have timers to automatically turn the
transmitters off at normal sign-off? Does seem odd,
though. I didn't do any New Year's listening this year,
I have done a lot of it, especially to LAm stations, in
past years. I've heard many stations stay on late and
don't recall anyone going off in mid-sentence like

Don Moore    mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx

Ralph Brandi wrote...

> 4915 BRAZIL Radio CBN Anhanguera 1/1/2000 0158
> abruptly terminated mid-sentence at 0203, not back at
> 0228 recheck; > between this and Bandeirantes
disappearing, it makes > one think that > maybe Brazil
is the first country to see Y2K > affecting its power
> infrastructure (Brandi-NJ)

Don Moore     mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx
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