[HCDX]: Re: SLBC on NF 11670
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[HCDX]: Re: SLBC on NF 11670

Thanks for the e-mail.  Checked out immediately for you by listeing to the
station until s.off and contacting the station. I will get more details
hopefully tomnorrow for you.  The buffoon Hans Johnson may not like my
being contacted!!  We do have a few crackpots in the DX community!
PS. Make sure to listen to MNetwork Today!

SRI LANKA: The SLBC Service reported byGuido Schotmans is the SLBC's Middle
East Service. Sorry I wasn't aware of this but station claims has been on
the air since three months back. When I asked the control room they said
they are using 11905!!  11670 is from 1615-1845 UTC. and is heard with fair
signals here in Colombo on the ground wave. It is also carried on FM during
the first hour on 94.5 MHz More details in a few days time(or in the
morning) after contacting the transmitting site. As you will know sometimes
the programme people and the control room do not know what is happening.
The language is Sinhala with News at 1715. S.off at 1845 with vocal
national anthem sung in Sinhala.

Clandestine:  "Sadaey Huriat jammu kashmir" which  means Free Voice of
jammu kashmir , is observed from 1300-1415 UTC on 5101 KHz fair to good
signal. English News at 1400  S.on at 1300 with Allah-hu -Akbar  theme.

At 01:48 PM 01/05/2000 +0900, you wrote:
>At 21:21 -0500 1/4/00, Marie A. Lamb wrote:
>>From: Guido Schotmans <gs@xxxxxx>
>>Subject: [HCDX]: SLBC on new 11670 kHz
>>To: HCDX <hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Today I heard the SLBC with strong signals on 11670 kHz.  It looks like this
>>is a new freq.  Started listening at 1710 until sign off at 1848 with their
>>Does anybody know which service this is ?
>Thanks, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, Marie!
>What do you say, Victor? Would appreciate a reply by tomorrow night. 
>I am your Cumbre DX editor this week.
>Sonny M. Ashimori
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