[HCDX]: Radio Shack "Magic Speaker"
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[HCDX]: Radio Shack "Magic Speaker"

The SWBC community has long enjoyed a series of speaker 
available from Radio Shack.  The Optimus Pro-7 features a ported, 
4" driver and 1" dome tweeter.  The cabinet was made of sturdy, 
cast aluminum.  The ported design made it extremely easy to drive 
with the 1-2 watts available from receiver audio amplifiers and the 
sound very detailed such as to make this the "outboard speaker of 

It is important that the speaker uses a 4" radiator.  It was found
during a study by JBL sound that specifically this size driver
provides optimum reproduction and sonic dispersion of voice

Unfortunately, the Pro-7 was discontinued some years ago.  
However, Radio Shack has again began to market that very same 
speaker under the model number, Pro-X44AV.  Selling for $59.99, 
it is listed in their 2000 catalogue on page #130.  There are 2 
different catalogue numbers.  40-2080 denotes a black speaker 
and 40-2081 gets you a speaker finished in white.  Frequency 
response is spec'ed at 90-20K cps and the impedence is 8 ohms.

I have heard but not checked into the rumor they are currently on 
sale for 1/2 off.  YMMV.

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