[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings



4879.2, Bangladesh Betar; Dhaka (presumed), Jan. 16, 0050, Badly modulated
talk by male and female in vernacular. Weak signal with deep fades, but some
strong peaks. Overall SINPO rating: 23322 (Veldhuis)


9615, Radio Cultura; Sao Paulo, Jan. 15, 2223-2241, Nonstop oldie-style
music. Only talk was at 2230, when there was a short announcement and ID by
male speaker in Portuguese. 34434 (Veldhuis)


4799.7, Radio Buenas Nuevas; San Sebastian, Jan. 16, 0212-0229, Long
(religious?) talk by male speaker in vernacular. At 0224 music, followed by
announcements and ID in Spanish. They played the same song twice! 34343


6535.7, Radio Huancabamba, Jan. 15, 2343-0007, Lovely Peruvian music, male
speaker in Spanish, communicados, IDs. After 0000 Andean flute music. 24343

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