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> Nothing heard on 17675 which they have been using recently.

Here is their latest schedule, copied from Wolfgang Bueschels excellent

NEW ZEALAND   R New Zealand Internat, frequency schedule.
9 Jan - 19 Mar 2000
Mon-Fri        1650-0605  17675
Daily          0606-1005  17690
Sat-Sun        1850-0605  17675
Occasional Use 1105-1505   6105
               1505-1650   6145

RNZI's nx from NZL and the PAC can be heard via The World Radio Network
RNZI's WRN progr is also available from the WRN Sound Store as a RealAudio
file. Checkout the RNZI Audio Archive for topical Pacific New Bulletins
available at (Adrian Sainsbury-NZL, Dec 23)

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