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[HCDX]: logs


4795 Buryat Radio? 10.16, sad singing with Russian commentary, 
distinctive chimes at 10.35 every night. My old PWBR says Radio 
Rossii but  latest schedule Anatoly Klepov sent to me has no mention 
of this frequency. Only audible in LSB this evening. Anyone any 
ideas? (Norrie, 21st Jan)


3905 Radio New Ireland (p), 10.05 being out gunned by Merauke but no 
doubt pidgin station in background (Norrie, 22nd Jan). Other PNG's on 
3395, 3245.

3315 R Manus, Lorengau  09.08, national news in E, then Radio 
Australia being re transmitted and" problems to get taxis in Honiera, 
 Mr Rambouka .." then into local news "Lorengau normally full by 
10.00" (Norrie, 21st Jan) 


4870 R Diff Catolica, 10.47, with "Santa Maria.." incessantly, 
//5040. S/on these nights at 10.30. (Norrie ,17th Jan)  


17690 RNZI, 10.47 With Kim Hill show (a domestic National Radio 
show) , special transmission aimed at NZ troops in East Timor  
(Norrie, 24th Jan)  


5235.44 R Apurimac (t), 10.53 weak signal with huaynos and no firm 
ID, not helped by strong CC signal on 5239.96,  needs more work  
(Norrie, 24th Jan)

David Norrie
Auckland New Zealand
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