[HCDX]: Fwd: [NRC-AM] KBJD Veries
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[HCDX]: Fwd: [NRC-AM] KBJD Veries

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The below was received by a fellow Ham who is at KBJD-1650, look's like we'll 
get veries, it'll just take a while!

Wayne N0POH DM79op
Rocky Mountain VHF+ Newsletter
50 mHz VUCC #976
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<Hi Wayne,

<    A quick note for you and all the Radio Listeners...  I am buried
<with SWL cards, letters, etc from all over the US and even some foreign
<countries.  I am attempting to keep up, but due to other duties
<(engineering emergencies mostly), I haven't been able to.  If you could
<let folks know to not panic and not think we've forgotten about them, we
<will get the verifications out.

The National Radio Club * http://www.nrcdxas.org
List info http://www.nrcdxas.org/policy


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