[HCDX]: DX Listening Digest 00-33 March 1
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[HCDX]: DX Listening Digest 00-33 March 1

	DX LISTENING DIGEST 00-33, March 1, 2000
		edited by Glenn Hauser

{Items from DXLD may be reproduced and re-reproduced only providing 
full credit be maintained at all stages}

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 00-02. A new edition produced Feb. 25 should be 
available soon at http://www.DXing.com and on RFPI:

Fri 1900 25930-USB
Sat 0300 6975 15049
Sat 1100 6975
Sat 1730 25930-USB
Sun 0130 6975 15049
Sun 0930 6975
Tue 2000 25930-USB 
Wed 0400 6975 15049
Wed 1200 6975 25930-USB
Wed 1730 25930-USB
Thu 0930 6975

Topic summary: http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/com0002.html

WORLD OF RADIO ON WWCR. Thursday at 2130: Remember that from March 
through November we are back on 15685 instead of 9475 (and April 
through October at 2030 instead). On 12160 Saturday 2030 is cancelled 
as of March 4, but the replacement we were expecting, Sat 1730, will 
NOT happen. There may be other changes in March; the March schedule
should be posted at http://www.wwcr.com on March 2 or 3. From UT April
3, the Monday 0130 broadcast is expected to move to Monday 0000 on
3215 (half an hour earlier local time, plus DST shift)

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 1026: See topic summary at

** AUSTRALIA. Dummy antennas do not have to be resistors! Once upon a 
time they were incandescent globes, and tuning would be done for 
maximum light output! The purpose of a dummy antenna is to
conveniently carry out equipment adjustments without radiating a
signal, and it should act as a perfectly matched transmission line - 
i.e., be a pure resistance. Dummy loads are rated according to power 
dissipation, duty cycles, and maximum frequency. The maximum power 
dissipated can be increased for short time periods: for SSB the duty 
cycle is generally taken as 30% or less (Bob Padula, Electronic DX

** AUSTRIA. In a past bulletin I talked of the silence from ROI on
13730. From ORF's technical department, Ernst Vranka tells us, via
Wolfgang Bueschel, that their log-periodic antenna at the Moosbrunn
transmitter site was faulty and out of service; for some days, the
ineffective vertical antenna was in use instead. The log-periodic is
again in use. Signals are heard again very well, for example
yesterday 0005 UT (Elmer Escoto, Honduras, Conexion Digital Mar 1,

** CANADA. Dear Mr Hauser, Thanks for your letter, though I'm sorry
I'm so late in responding to it.  I'd be happy to try and clear up
some of the points you raised. [cf. DXLD 00-25, item sent to Q&Q too]

> ...the difference beetween the geographical and the geomagnetic
north pole.

This may have been true in the final version (edited for length) in 
which case I think it would have to be an omission rather than an 
error (though we might have left it in to be clearer if time had 
allowed). We raised this issue with Dr Sager, and he acknowledged 
that indeed the geomagnetic pole wanders, but over relatively short 
distances and time scales but that on average over large timescales
the geomagnetic pole tracks the geographic poles pretty accurately.
Over the period he's discussing they can be effectively treated as the
same thing.  As you pointed out, the effects you discuss are over
thousands of years (a period Dr Sager's technique isn't sensitive to,
in fact, which is why there's considerable uncertainty in the duration
of the polar wander he discussed).

As to continental drift, I think the opposite time scale factor
applies.  The speed of the wander is actually considerably quicker
than any continental drift the earth would have seen -- ten times 
faster than the current "land" speed record (the asian subcontinent 
driving up the Himalayas.

I'd suggest that if you want to double check for yourself, have a 
look at the issue of Science at


Sincerely, (Jim Lebans, Producer, Quirks and Quarks, Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation http://www.radio.cbc.ca/programs/quirks/

** IRAQ. Once again there has been no signal from RRI on 11787 in the 
local eveniings here; around 0500 March 1, DW was audible on 11785 

** ISRAEL.   New updated sked on Israel Defence Forces Radio
Galei Zahal in Hebrew (times vary +/-30 minutes):
0600-1700 on NF 15785v (+/-500 Hz) (x7345, re-ex 6898).
1700-0600 on NF  6895v (+/-500 Hz) (x7345, re-ex 6898).
(Observer, Bulgaria, March 1 via DX LISTENING DIGEST, WORLD OF RADIO

** MEXICO. DX programs on Mexican stations:

Three of the four currently active Mexican SW stations include DX 
programs in their schedules.

There are also a couple of programs on MW that talk about radio, 
without becoming DX programs, not mentioned here due to their local 
or regional coverage at best.

XEPPM-OC, Radio Education

Their program is titled ``Entre Medios`` [Among Media], a very nice 
show with the special characteristic of being hosted only by women. 
They present a variety of themes with their own commentaries on 
radio, its development, technical matters and problems, and the 
development of telecommunications. It`s easily digested in 30 

There are also interviews and phone calls on the air, reading 
correspondence and reception reports.

You can hear it every UT Thursday at 0430, repeated Fridays 0630, 
Wednesdays 0230. These are the times best heard here [so are there 
more? gh]. Don`t forget to request a QSL card which this year are on 
archaeological themes. Frequency is 6185, and if you can hear it 
outside Mexico, also MW 1060. XEPPM-OC, A. P. 21-940, 04021 Mexico, 

XEOI Radio Mil

Belonging to the Nucleo Radio Mil group, thanks to the efforts of two 
great friends, Dr. Julian Santiago Diez de Bonilla and Engineer 
Hector Garcia Bojorge (always assisted by the restless Alejandro 
Morales), have made possible a new DX show on this important station 
which retransmits its AM programs on SW.

A couple of months ago their ``Encuentro DX`` program began, after a 
few weeks of testing. We invite everyone to assist this new DX 
program, sending reports, comments and input.

The best heard time is 0330 UT Mondays, or 9:30 pm Sundays Central 
Mexico Time.

The broadcast that is recorded goes out every [UT presumably] 
Thursday at 0500, repeated Fridays 1700, Saturdays 0000, 1430 and 
2200, and Sundays 0230, 1500, Mondays 0000. There are lots of 
repeats, so with luck you should hear some of them.

Radio Mil transmits on 6010 SW and 1000 MW. Send correspondence to: 
Radio Mil (onda corta), A.P. 21-1000, 04021 Mexico, DF. Nor neglect 
to ask for their pretty QSL card, the first the station has issued in 
half a century.


Radio Mexico Internacional is another SW station which has a DX 
program, called ``Estacion DX``. It is conducted by our friend Juan 
Jose Miroz L., who besides being a DXer, is a ham who can be 
contacted on the bands. This program airs every Wednesday at 0300, 
repeated Saturdays 2100, Mondays 0300. 

A new QSL card came out a few months ago, so don`t delay in sending 
your reports in order to receive it. Write to them at: Radio Mexico 
Internacional, A.P. 21-300, 04021 Mexico, DF. Tel. 5604-7846 and 
5628-1720. E-mail: rmi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  URL: http://hello.to/rmi

Regarding the other SW stations: We do not know if R. Huayacocotla 
has a DX section, but their directoress indicates they have not. 
Radio UNAM, inactive currently due to the strike, has no such program 
either. XERTA, Radio Transcontinental de America is inactive at the 
moment readjusting its transmitter, antenna and programming (Ivan 
Lopez Alegria, Aztlan, Jan-Feb, Nayarit DX Club, Tepic, translated by 

** NEW ZEALAND. Glenn, Wed 01 Mar, RNZI 1000 UT News bulletin and
subsequent repeat-progs to NZ Peacekeepers in East Timor et al heard
on 17675 kHz. Former 17690 silent. [Finbarr O'Driscoll...Ireland, DX

** NEW ZEALAND. Effective March 1, RNZI`s entire schedule from 1650 
to 1205 is on 17675 (Adrian Sainsbury, RNZI) Frequency synthesizer 
freeze again, and/or Tikhiy Okean gone from 17675? How will this 
affect planned non-DST sked from March 19? (gh, DX LISTENING DIGEST,

Correct - they have very kindly moved so that we can remain on 17675.
We had to move from 17675 to 17690 in Jan due to interference from
VOR. Mr Titov has agreed to move from 17675 which means we no longer
need to change at 0605. Our schedule commencing 19 March is unchanged.
(Adrian Sainsbury, RNZI, March 2, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEW ZEALAND. I'll be listening for RNZI on 15115 0705-1205 as of
March 19. I'm hoping reception will be good. I've really missed them
this winter! I wonder if they will go even lower as of May 7th,
perhaps 13 MHz? (Ivan Grishin, Ont., DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. Local band guy James Plumlee planned to use LPFM during a
concert, probably 102.9 FM in the microwatt range, rockin` Plumlee
radio. Full story in the Tulsa World:
And an earlier story about LPFM in general:

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Australian media reports advise that Radio
Bougainville has been reactivated, using 3325, from new studios and
radio broadcasting facilities at Hutjena (Buka Island), funded by the
Australian Government. The project has also allowed new equipment to
be installed at Rabaul (Radio East New Britain, 3385), and 1000 solar
powered wind-up radios are being distributed to schools in
Bougainville. Radio Bougainville was formerly known as Radio North
Solomons, and it had been forced to use a shared transmitter at
Rabaul, following destruction of its own station during civil unrest.
(Bob Padula, Electronic DX Press via DX LISTENING DIGEST, WORLD OF
RADIO 1026)

** RUSSIA. Glenn, I've been listening to Radio Rossii, Russia, with
its general-service programming on 5905 kHz, mid-afteroon in Ireland.
Over the weekend I've had opportunities to pick up the station and
stay with it approximately 1530 to 1615 UT. Despite the language
barrier, there were clear male-voice station IDs to be heard before
and after the top-of-the-hour ten-minute news bulletin Sunday 27 Feb.

However, Radio Rossii is also putting out an harmonic on 29525 kHz
[5905 x 5 = 29525]. The harmonic is weak and variable where I live,
but there have been umpteen opportunities to confirm identical
content with the Fundamental Frequency of 5905.

I doubt that I would have stumbled across the harmonic without Roger
Perkins, owner-operator of Amateur FM Repeater W1OJ near Boston,
telling me that he was experiencing AM mode interference on the input
frequency of W1OJ. I don't honestly think that I could have noticed a
weak AM mode signal way up on 29 megs, where I would normally have
been using NFM mode, with the Squelch control always cranked up a bit.

With slight editing, this is some of what Roger Perkins said: "In
recent weeks there has been an AM shortwave broadcast station
intruder, operating for several hours a day, near our repeater input
[29520]. It comes up at about 1500 or 1600 UT on 29525 kHz which is
only 5 kHz above our input. It is causing us QRM and keeps 29620
[output] machines keyed up at times. My beam heading, NE from here
[Boston], shows that it may be coming from Russia or Asia...If you
happen to hear this station or can learn more about its actual origin,
it would be interesting..."

If Roger/W1OJ over there in Massachusetts, can get to hear the magic
words "Radio Rossii" on 29525 kHz AM, he will be well on the way to
sorting out an unusual problem. So, there may be another chapter to my
story yet... [Finbarr O'Driscoll.....Ireland, DX LISTENING DIGEST]

I believe 5905 has also been reported on its 3rd harmonic 17715 - -
or was that Ukraine? (gh, DXLD, WORLD OF RADIO 1026)

** SOLOMON ISLANDS. Correcting three typos in the first graf of this 
item in DXLD 00-32:!
Radio Hapi Isles, SIBC`s National Service is installing a new 10 kW 
transmitter (made by Omnitronics, Philadelphia) at the Henderson 
Transmitting Station, 13 km east of Honiara. It will replace the old 
10 kW unit on 5020 kHz, which was running at only 5 kW during the 
past few years. After overhauling it, the old transmitter will remain 
as a stand-by. SIBC uses 5020 // 1035 MW at 1900-1200. ``Wan FM`` 
(One FM) is SIBC`s new 2nd programme for Honiara on 96.3 MHz at 1900-

** SOMALIA. 7530, R. Hargeisa, apparently ex-7071, reactivated after
being off for a long period. Fair at 1748 Feb 28 with Somali songs and
talk at 1815 mentioning. "Somaliland," then music porgram and a clear
ID at 1830 as R. Hargeisa. Then talk on Somaliland and Hargeisa, many
IDs interspersed, 1850 news bulletin, 1900* after a nice song by M&W,
probably a signature tune. Heard again at 1605 Feb 29, Koran, so
apparently *1600-1900* (Mahendra Vaghjeem, Mauritius, hard-core-dx

** SOMALIA. New SW station Radio Banaadir heard. The new Somali SW 
radio station Radio Banaadir was observed by BBC Monitoring on 28th 
February. It was heard from tune-in at 1630 gmt on 7213 kHz. The 
broadcast included listeners letters, songs, a current affairs 
programme on the Middle East, market prices and a news bulletin at 
1700 gmt. The radio signed off at 1900 gmt. Station identification in 
Somali: Halkani waa Idaacadda Raadiyaha Banaadir (English: This is 
Radio Banaadir). Source: Monitoring research 28 Feb 00 ((c) BBC

** U K O G B A N I. Earth One launch date moved to September

Peter Luff, who produced the original "Secret Policeman's Ball,"
leaves the directorship of London's Royal Commonwealth Society at the
end of this month to become the first managing director of Earth One,
which originally planned to be on the shortwaves this month. He begins
his new position April 3rd. Earth One is now due to launch in
September, coinciding with the UN Millennium Assembly.

Developed by Global Vision Network Ltd, a British-based multimedia
company, and partnered by Merlin Communications International, Earth
One will broadcast news, current affairs world music and cultural
programmming. Their press release says Earth One "will challenge the
news values of the traditional media, will bring debate and
discussion about the world's key issues to a global audience and
enable people from different countries to speak directly to each
other. Earth One will offer access to a wide variety of global civil
society organisations and will be available for UN and International
Committee of the Red Cross emergency humanitarian broadcasts. It will
offer an impartial, authoritative, extra-governmental source of news
and comment on key social, political, cultural, health and science
issues. Earth One will also play unique music from across the planet."

Plans are to have Earth One available on the internet and through
satellite transmission.  Speaking at the New Commonwealth Club in
Northumberland Avenue, Luff says "Earth One offers me the tremendous
opportunity of building a truly global source of impartial, inclusive,
multicultural and authoritative news and information. Economic
globalization requires a political and communications balance. The
Commonwealth plays a crucial role in building links between
communities in all five continents, Earth One can take the process
further by letting communities from around the globe communicate
directly with each other and by narrowing the information gap between
the economically rich and the poorer parts of the world.  Earth One
will be community radio for the global village."

For further information contact Peter Luff at peter.luff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
(telephone 44  0 207 930 6733) or Victoria Earle at
victoria.earle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (44  0 208 324 2333) (via Ed Mayberry,
International Listener, March 1, via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1700 kHz, US Special Operations Command PSA, 2/28 2241 CT 
(2341 ET) [UT Feb 29 0441], very strong and over all other broadcast 
stations this frequency playing a loop of a PSA for a joint training 
exercise by the US Special Operations Command. The PSA announcement 
started with tones, followed by an announcement by male speaker. 
Mentions that this excercise is connected with Y2K test. Very 
interesting. Anybody have any idea what this is all about? (Christos 
Rigas, Wood Dale, IL Kenwood R-2000, SONY ICF-2010 Kowalski loop, DX 

** U S A. WBCQ-2 started up on the 21st with the Christian Media 
network running 8am-5pm [EST; 1300-2200 UT]. Transmitter blew its 
power supply the 22nd. Off air 22nd and 23rd.. Back Mon the 24th. On 
the 28th Christian Media Network moved to 5pm-2am eastern [2200-0700 
UT]. All running well. Weekends are still unsold and I am trying to 
find some alternative radio folks to take the time. I am only
charging $20 per hour in a bulk time (4-6 hour blocks) so hopefully I 
can get some good radio people on the air for the weekends. 

I can air WOR 4:30-5pm eastern, please tell me what weekday you 
prefer. Cheers, Allan Weiner, WBCQ, Feb 29) Fridays, please, that`s 
2130 UT, starting this week or next? (gh, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1700 kHz: US Special Operations Command PSA, 2/28 2241 CT
(2341 ET) [UT Feb 29 0441], very strong and over all other broadcast
stations this frequency playing a loop of a PSA for a joint training
exercise by the US Special Operations Command. The PSA started with
tones, followed by an announcement by male speaker. Mentions that this
exercise is connected with Y2K test. Very interesting. Anybody have
any idea what this is all about? (Christos Rigas, Wood Dale, IL =
Kenwood R-2000, SONY ICF-2010 Kowalski loop, WORLD OF RADIO 1026, DX
LISTENING DIGEST)                                               ###

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