[HCDX]: Listening in the quiet
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[HCDX]: Listening in the quiet

After a recent trip to Barrington Tops, 3 hours away from home and 60km
from the nearest town I was looking at local spots I could get to. I
thought of some areas up NW of here, Yengo National Park or Watagan
State Forest. Both would probably be an hour or so away by car, but
allow camping or parking with an easy few hundred metres of wire out.

I've realised closer to hand is Ourimbah State Forest, which is only
10-15km away from home. Probably take the best part of 25 minutes to get
into it from here. About 6km from the nearest town, 3 from the nearest
normal power line. A couple of 330kV lines run through it, though I
don't know if they would cause much interference - I expect a lot comes
from what people are running in their homes of the 240 volts we use
here. I could easily run out 300-500 metres ranging from about 40-120
degrees depending on where I go, 45-80 is probably best for North
American MW.

Obviously the best choice would be the first. A lot further from
powerlines and a lot less local homes. But the extra time taken is an
issue. I could probably get away with an occasional 2-3 hours away from
home if my wife has something to watch on TV, the 4 or so it would take
to be worthwhile at the other location is a worry.

Any comments on the location? I don't know how the powerlines will
affect things - but I guess the only way to find out is to try it.
Neither will be as quiet as Barrington, but they aren't 3 hours drive


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