[HCDX]: UNID on 1389. Help wanted!!
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[HCDX]: UNID on 1389. Help wanted!!

Message from Julius Hermans: A very interesting catch on 1389 by Steve Whitt in England
Steve Whitt mentioned first on the MWC-list:
"> >Heard on 1389kHz at 2315 29/2 and first noted night before a pulsing sort
> of jammer. Loud (S8) signal occupies bandwidth 1387.5-1389.8kHz. Seems to be coming N/S of my Suffolk location.
> Possibly weak talk underneath. Language might have been Spanish.
> Is anyone else hearing this jammer or interference?
Lionel Roithmeir from Guernsey answered on the MWC-list:
> I have also heard this over the last couple nights & agree about the
> bandwidth & possibly sounding Spanish.
> Direction from my QTH would also indicate North/South.

Well I (Julius)tuned in last night(march 1st) after these interesting observations by Steve and Lionel and I heard the same on 1389 at 2245 UTC when kaliningrad signed off on 1386. Language is Spanish, definite!! I heard male tlk, fem tlk and chants. Also I noted a strange sort of jamming-buzz on the same off-band frequency of 1389.  There were timepeeps at 2300, but I heard no ID due to the sort of jamming- QRM on the same channel of 1389 and a deep fade. Very interesting catch by Steve. I also note it on the north-south antenna!! So signal from the south???
Steve Whitt also mentions:"I have not heard RASD on 1540Khz for several days now. Could this be
Can anyone in the HCDX-list help please????
Julius hermans