[HCDX]: New Elecronic DX newsletter
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[HCDX]: New Elecronic DX newsletter

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new weekly electronic
newsletter for shortwave listeners. The new publication is named
"DXtract" and  is a list of loggings from the current online edition of
DX Fanzine, which is updated daily to show new loggings (received via
E-mail) of medium and short wave stations heard in the last 24/48 hours
by DXers around the world. (To see it please go to the site

Unlike DX Fanzine, DXtract is distributed via E-mail, on Tuesdays, each
week. This has the advantage of letting you free from the necessity of
visiting our website on a daily basis, and the disvantage that you have
to wait up to seven days before receiving our hot tips.

DXtract is on a per-issue basis, and is sent out FREE to anyone who has
sent in loggings and/or DX news for the week. In other words, you will
receive an issue every time you contribute.

To obtain your copy of this new publication, please send your best
loggings, at least once per week, to: tarantodx@xxxxxxxxxxx

With kind regards

Antonello Napolitano

Editor of  DX Fanzine and DXtract
Gruppo d'Ascolto Due Mari (GADM)

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