[HCDX]: Shortwave logs from Italy.
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[HCDX]: Shortwave logs from Italy.

Hallo to everybody from Taranto, in the South of Italy. Here is a
selection of logs of  stations received in the few past days . They were
received by using an ICOM IC R70 connected to an inverted "V" antenna. A
wider selection of my tips, together with those of about ten
contributors from Europe and South America, is available online,  on the
GADM web site, at this url: fly.to/gadm
We also have a separate weekly electronic newsletter called "DXtract".
To receive it  please send, your best loggings, at least once per week,
to: tarantodx@xxxxxxxxxxx

EQUATORIAL GUINEA, 15185.5,  R.Africa, 2036-2042, English: Religious PX.
SIO 444. Good. (Napolitano, Mar.2)

CUBA, 13750.3, R.Habana Cuba, 2045-2050, English: : ID+Editorial. SIO
433 Fair/Good. (Napolitano, Mar. 2).

UGANDA, 4976, R.Uganda, 2031-2033, Vernacular: TK. SIO 444. Good.
(Napolitano, Mar. 2).

ECUADOR, 15550, HCJB, 2132-2135, Spanish:  NX+TC+ID. SIO 544. Good.
(Napolitano, Mar. 2)

SWAZILAND, 3240, Trans World Radio Swaziland, 1759-1804,  English: IS+ID
in English, then PX in Vernacular. SIO 444. Good. (Napolitano, Mar. 2).

NIGERIA, 4770, R.Nigeria Kaduna,1832-1843, English: Interview.SIO 444
Good. (Napolitano, Mar. 2).

Antonello Napolitano

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