[HCDX]: 6 Days to the Winter SWL Festival: Weather Forecast?
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[HCDX]: 6 Days to the Winter SWL Festival: Weather Forecast?

Time is counting down to the 13th annual gathering of the faithful near
Philadelphia. Coming to the Winter SWL Festival to join other listeners from
around the world? Near the top of the page we have a 5-day weather forecast
link so travelers (as I write this) arriving on Thursday can see the long
range outlook. Will there be snow?

No doubt that Victor Goonetilleke will pick up the honor of coming the
furthest distance, from Sri Lanka, but there will be a number of attendees
from all over Europe. Broadcasters include the Voice of America contingent
including Dr. Kim Elliott of Communications World and Bill Whitacre,
representatives from the Media Network Team from Radio Netherlands, and Big
Steve of the "Oldies Show" on WBCQ. We believe Frans Vossen of Radio
Vlaanderen International will be returning, as will the Spectrum gang
(headed by Mark Emanuele) whose show is heard on WWCR. The netcasting
contingent includes Sheldon Harvey of CKUT's International Radio Report
(Sundays 10:30a) and Dave Kirby's "Cybercast Shortwave" (Sundays 11a).

We'd like to thank all the broadcasters mentioned who have promoted this
gathering. We also particularly note that Allan Graham of HCJB's DX
Partyline has provided extraordinary coverage of the fest's developments and
he's said he will be attending in spirit. Glenn Hauser of World of Radio on
WWCR and Radio For Peace International also continues to provide publicity
and we thank him.

Omissions, errors, gaffs, grammar and spelling are my own doing. I apologize
in advance. Corrections to trs@xxxxxxxx or trscons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh yes, the link: http://www.trsc.com/winterfest.html

We're ready. Are you?

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