[HCDX]: DXLD 00-40 March 17: New Guatemalan
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[HCDX]: DXLD 00-40 March 17: New Guatemalan

	DX LISTENING DIGEST 00-40, March 17, 2000
		edited by Glenn Hauser

{Items from DXLD may be reproduced and re-reproduced only providing
full credit be maintained at all stages}

** GUATEMALA. I have just discovered a brand new SW station here!
Bandscanning March 17 at 1136 UT I came upon some music on 4052.5
kHz, or a tad below that (no, not a typo, not in the 60 meter band
and not an image) -- ``I?ve Been Working on the Railroad`` on the
banjo, then vocal hymns in Spanish. ID at 1145: ``Radio Verdad, en la
frecuencia de 4.05 megahercios en la banda de 75 metros, TGW-1 (??),
desde Monterrey(?), Chiquimula, Guatemala, Centroamerica.`` At 1147
and 1150 mentioned having received a report yesterday through the
Sistema Internacional de Radioaficionados that they had been heard in
Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, Republica Dominicana. Invited
more reports to Apartado Postal 5, Chiquimula, Guatemala. ``Radio
Verdad, la emisora educativa y evangelica`` was frequently mentioned;
``exact`` timechecks were 2 minutes slow. At 1200 concluded ``El Tren
del Evangelio Nocturno`` show with same banjo theme as earlier. 1202
into chimes and ID as above but also mentioned ``...de la gloria, en
Chiquimula...``. 1204 something about ``an~o 2000``, cuckoo twice and
Big-Ben-type melody on piano. 1206 another ID, prayer, but fading
audio as much as carrier. 1208 reading a versiculo, 1215 just a
carrier, 1217 music but fading and 2-way QRM on high side increasing.
1222-1226 talk was unintelligible as fading out; sunrise at Enid was
1240. Earlier reception was good, SINPO 34443. I only heard the TG
callsign mentioned once, and it seems unlikely, so coupled with the
out-of-band frequency, the legality of this station is questionable.
If there have been any other reports of this in the DX press, I have
not yet seen them; this report is based solely on my own monitoring
((C) Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)             ###

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