[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings

Japan, 3925, Radio Tampa 1, 0845+ Mar 15, om with fast Japanese tx. Fair. //'s 6055 and 9595 Excellent.

Japan, 6115, Radio Tampa 2, 0857+ Mar 15, om with rock mx and Carley Simon tune. Radio Union (Peru) Iding underneath at 0859. Excellent. // 3945 Fair. // 9760 Not Heard.

Japan, 6005 USB, NHK Sapporo 1 (Tentative), 0910+ Mar 15, 2 om's and yl with soft conversation, EZL mx bridges, no Id heard this time so tentative please! This station is a regular here. No sign of other Japanese regionals this evening. Fair.

PNG, 4890, Port Moresby, 0840+ Mar 15, om with EZL local mx. Good.

PNG, 3315, Radio Manus, 1043+ Mar 15, pgm of local mx with bridges of brief tx by om, bird song/drum type I/S??? @ 1100. Weak.

PNG, 3385, Radio East New Britain, 0830+ Mar 15, weak local mx.

Solomon Islands, 4960, SIBC, 0830+ Mar 15, om with "Long(sp)SIBC" Id, into tx in Pidgin. Good.

 Joe Talbot Red Deer Alberta Canada n52w113@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Rockwell Collins HF-2050
 75' random wire @ 35'

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