[HCDX]: more excellent DX conditions
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[HCDX]: more excellent DX conditions

I experienced another great DX session from 2200 UTC
on 18 MAR to 0030 UTC, 19 MAR.  This time I listened
from the Powder Point Bridge site in Duxbury, MA: one
of the best DXing locations south of Boston and north
of Cape Cod.  Many common European MW stations were
in at good levels.  A number of Middle Eastern signals
were also noted.  The better catches included the RASD
station from Algeria (or is it W.Sahara/Morocco ?)
on 1540 (slicing through nulled powerhouse WPTR !),
Syria-783, Jordan-801, Israel-1206, and then at 
0013 UTC - the best catch of them all - Armenia-864
blasting its musical-box style Trans-World Radio
interval signal right over the usual Egyptian
Koran juggernaut.  Between this outing and my
trip out to Rockport, MA a few days earlier, I
must say that I've heard more good DX in the last
week than in the entire three-month winter season
preceding it.  I see that Ben Dangerfield in PA
also had good results.  I hope that all of you
who like MW DX took advantage of these spectacular


Mark Connelly - WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA
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