[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada.
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[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada.

ISRAEL 15785.0 Israeli Army Radio, Galei Zahal heard with USB and carrier with excellent reception, booming in at 0105, with American rap music. Continued on ?all night, since it was still audible in my local morning. Quite enjoyable, very youth oriented programming. Light bantering, with the only serious programming at the top of the hour with ID and news. All in Hebrew. (Salmaniw, 18 March).

RWANDA? 7285 Deutsche Welle heard here at 0100 into Bengali, but preceded by a subcontinental interval signal. This threw me, until I listened carefully and noted D-W mentioned, and confirmed by Dmitri Mezin in Russia. Good reception. Signs off at 0150, at which cochannel Tashkent can be heard. Anyone know why they don't use D-W's usual interval signal? (Salmaniw, 18 March).

ITALY 7120 USB + carrier. Good to very good reception of IRRS this night for a change, with International Music Radio program,at 0230 with canned IDs in English and German, but programming mostly in German. Steadily increasing signal until cochanneled at the top of the hour.
(Salmaniw, 18 March).

UZBEKISTAN 15165 Interval signal at 0459 for 2nd program of Uzbek Radio, confirmed by Dave Kernick's interval signal website. Weak but in clear. Low modulation talk by woman, but couldn't make out anything. poor to fair. (Salmaniw, 18 March).

LIBERIA 4760 Fair to good reception of ELWA at 0600 with easy listening religious music, but no announcements noted, but some talk when rechecked at 0620. Not bad for 1 Kw. (Salmaniw, 18 March).

GUINEA 7125 Superb reception, especially on LSB at 0608 in vernaculars, later into French, with African high life music, and many mentions of Radio Guinee, ici Conakry, etc. (Salmaniw, 18 March).

MALI 5995 RTV Malienne over cochannel VOA, Morocco with African chants and good reception. Parallel 4835 is slightly weaker. (Salmaniw, 18 March).

BANGLADESH 9558.0 Bangladesh Betar with Holy Quran at 1602, then talk, with mentions of Bangladesh. Listed as Arabic. Good reception.
(Salmaniw, 18 March).
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