[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings


Nice reception of some African stations tonight:


4950, Radio Nacional de Angola; Mulenvos, April 12, 1818-1836, Sports report
by 2 male reporters in Portuguese, Angola often mentioned. Excellent signal,
44344. (Veldhuis)


3320, Radio Sonder Grense; Meijerton, April 12, 1838-1902, Male talk in
Afrikaans, easy song in English. At 1846 1 advertisement, followed by
popmusic. At 1851 sports report, 1900 TS, then news. 34333 (Veldhuis)


4976, Radio Uganda; Kampala, April 12, 1910-1916, Male speaker with news in
English, Sports- and Foreign news, ID. Very strong; 54444. Also heard 1 our
later, still strong, with beautiful music. Different service was heard on
5026 kKz, also with a good signal. (Veldhuis)

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