[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings


Here's just a few of the LA stations that could be heard tonight:


4409.9, Radio Eco; Reyes, May 6, 2323-0000, Flute music. At 2325 male
announcer in Spanish, followed by more Andean music (almost non-stop for 30
minutes, with only 2 very short announcements). The long awaited ID came at
2358 UTC. 24232 (Veldhuis)

4796.4, Radio Mallku; Uyuni, May 6, 2313-2319, Bolivian music with flutes
and male vocals, calm male announcer in Spanish. Clear ID at 2317 UTC. 34343


4895, Colombia Estereo, May 7, 0235, Tropical LA music. Canned ID at 0244
UTC, followed by a popsong. New station, heard thanks to Mark Mohrmann tip
via Conexion Digital (oh, the joy of Email! :-)). 34344 (Veldhuis)


3250.7, Radio Comas; Lima-Comas; May 7, 0219-0233, Nice Peruvian music, male
announcer in Spanish. Canned ID at 0231 UTC. Best in USB, 33343. (Veldhuis)

4534.1, Radio Horizonte; Chiclayo, May 7, 0248-0253, Andean music, male
speaker in Spanish, clear IDs. 24232 (Veldhuis)

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