[HCDX]: Re: One log
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[HCDX]: Re: One log

On Sun, 07 May 2000 05:03:46 GMT, you wrote:

>Heard on 7th may at 0500 UTC and 4895 Khz La Voz del Rio Arauca-Colombia
>with cont. salsas and Id, years ago that I heard this one here in Holland!
>I noted SIO 232.
>Has anyone heard recently the other colombians here in western europe, after
>many years I still not heard: 4915 Armonias del Caqueta and Ecos del
>Orinoco 4905 Khz?
>Ruud Vos

It was Colombia Estereo and NOT La Voz del rio arauca, as from logging of Mark
Velhuis, see the list for further info.


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