RE: [HCDX]: Loggings
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RE: [HCDX]: Loggings

Hi Ruud et all,

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> >4895, Colombia Estereo, May 7, 0235, Tropical LA music. Canned ID at 0244
> >UTC, followed by a popsong. New station, heard thanks to Mark
> Mohrmann tip
> >via Conexion Digital (oh, the joy of Email! :-)). 34344 (Veldhuis)
> Dear Mark,
> Nice tip, but what is the location of the station and posible
> their adress?
> Thanks for the help!

I don't have any info about this station. While DXing last night, I got Mark
Mohrmann's tip, and checked the frequency.
You can read Mark's logging at (Mark's site is
an excellent source of information for LA DXers. Main page is )

Mark Veldhuis, the Netherlands.
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