[HCDX]: Tropical Band Propagation
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[HCDX]: Tropical Band Propagation

Hello Patrick: Until, you asked the question I had nothing to say about propagation. BIG, question you will find opinions from A to Z, thats zee here in Canada!
Seriously now, for South America Tropical Bands: Best Months - Generally Year Around (Late May-June and Late August) as you know the noise floor is going to be up then, Observations - Solar Flux = On the Lower Or Upper Side Of A Peak, A Index = 15 To 20, K Index = 2 To 3, Geomagnetic Field - Active!
Now West Africa(N/S line West of Zaire), East Africa(Kenya, Somalia and Yemen), Africa In General(Tanzania And Zanzibar ex Comoros and Mauritus), the Sub Continent(60 and 90 meters), Indonesia(Just Indos) and PNGs(90 and 120 meters), all differ from slightly to greatly.
Without getting into a big lesson on line, keep basic records of things you hear, then follow the old "27 day rule"! Catch your target at Greyline. Although, some ? of our good friends here on HCDX, may not agree with detailed propagation chasing, some of this stuff is highly accurate! Especially Indos, I've heard them fading up like falling Dominos, one after another moving West under "the right propagation conditions", very strange to hear!
A "true" tried and tested propagation expert, Edward Kusalik, Alberta Canada! He has probably QSLed over 75 Indos using tricks of the trade, 239-240 countries QSLed on SW.

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