[HCDX]: Finnish DXer on CBX
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[HCDX]: Finnish DXer on CBX

Good morning!

Just now, 1250UTC, our local CBC Radio One AM station CBX 740 aired an
interview with a Finnish DXer from Helsinki.  Ron Wilson, the program host
was totally amazed that his show was heard in Northern Europe so he phoned
the DXer who had wrote for a QSL.  The announcer (Ron Wilson) kept
mentioning ham radio and very tall antenna to the DXer who tried to
explain the hobby and that the antenna he was using was "long" as opposed
to "tall". I did not catch the DXers name.  Maybe he is on the list?
Oh, by the way, his reception report was not for the 50kW 740 transmitter
but a 40 watt CBC repeater. Great going!


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