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[HCDX]: NEW logs

www.geocities.com/zliangas/sinpfemo.htm +++

LOGD FOR 7 , 8,.9, 10 ¯ 5 

9155 R Darda gorgud 1555-1600 and then , with continuous ( non stop) turkic 
songs  Signal S6(min )-9 (max) 43433 with sporadic  QRM from operators Liangas 
May 7 Retziki THS Greece 

TURKEY 7371 Turk Police R 1156  with songs  then  short talks  and song 
continue . S3 only or 22232 Liangas May 8 Retziki THS Greece

?? 4875 R Khara *1600 with IS and ID by man and woman ?abivia Khara ? S6-9 then 
man in a turkic lang wuith news , 34323 and jazz interval music 1605 Liangas 
May 8 Retziki THS Greece

9-May  with high levels of lightnings 

4742 ???Meteo with wx Signal S9+10 @2222 

TAILAND 4830 R Thailand 2224 man with talks S4 (22142) Liangas May 9 Retziki 
THS Greece

ANTARCTICA 29.810  Arg feeder with R Rivadavia  1628 with ads , talks then 1637 
ads and ID jingles and ID  then with phone ins Signal S2 at 10 db amp or SINPO 
33333 ON 1920 found on 15820 with S 2 Liangas May 10 Retziki THS Greece

INDONESIA 15150 VoIN 1857  with culture prg in GERM and songs . Bad quality  
audio with S9 and S9+10 on peaks Prg close with Hawaiian style msx and ID 
Liangas May 10 Retziki THS Greece

PHLPINES 15190 R Pilipinas 1903 discussions between two men in presume  Tagalog 
 with many refs to PHL ON 1920 with song  then  theme on computer viruses ( 
using English words) S2(min ) to S7 max , 34323 Liangas May 10 Retziki THS 

And one LW log : 
270 Radio zournal 2006 with man in news , 2010 with song . S2 with preamp in 

Zacharias Liangas  pen-DX sejak 72 - anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play DX, 
www.geocities.com/zliangas : (shortened) up: logs.htm
NEW: rt75.htm ,experiment.htm   
and telenovelas page on telenovs.htm (every 2 weeks) 
pesawat penerima :ICOM ICR75,Lowe HF150,SONY ICF7600D,YupiteruMVT7100,Philips 2935 
antena 2x 6 m & 16 m 
accesories: MFJ 1040,MFJ1025,MFJ 752c,MFJ16010,MFJ462 
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