[HCDX]: DX Listening Digest 00-64 May 12
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[HCDX]: DX Listening Digest 00-64 May 12

DX LISTENING DIGEST 00-64, May 12, 2000 edited by Glenn Hauser

{Items from DXLD may be reproduced and re-reproduced only providing
full credit be maintained at all stages. DXLD may not be reposted in
its entirety without permission}

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 1035: See topic summary at

MUNDO RADIAL, emisión de mayo/junio, a partir del viernes 12 de mayo
en WWCR, 2115 en 15685. Guión disponible en

** CANADA. C'EST LA VIE: This week on C'est La Vie, the word of the
week is "chanter" - to sing. And this week's show is all about songs.
Meet the very model of a modern translator who has translated Gilbert
and Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance" into French. Also, a Winnipeg
playwright who is using the songs of Jacques Brel to reach her
audience. And find out why a group from Sudbury has made a rap
version of a Beau Dommage classic about the seals of Alaska. That's
C'est la Vie, with guest host Anne Lagace Dowson, tonight at 7:30
(8:00 NT) on CBC Radio One. (CBC Hotsheet) On RCI that`s Friday 2330
on 5960, 9755, 13670 (gh, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CONGO DR. R Télé Liberté is not available (15.725). Closed? Tried
too many days to listen to them (nearly every local night here)
without seeing any signal (Zacharias Liangas, Thessaloniki, Greece,

** CROATIA [non]. Hrvatski Radio via Jülich on 11805 appears to have
extended its English service, noted with 30 minutes' segment 2030-
2100, May 10 (Bob Padula, Australia, Electronic DX Press via DXLD)

** FINLAND. DX Information from the British DX Club (BDXC-UK).

The power behind the scenes of the Scandinavian Weekend Radio (SWR),
is the Scandinavian Shortwave Radio Association. The purpose of SSRA
is to promote and to support the non-commercial radio broadcasting in
Finland. The operation of the radio station is independent of the Oy
Finnish Broadcasting Company Ab, of home and foreign radio chains,
other radio stations and advertisers.

The fixed studios and transmitter equipment are placed on Virrat,
western Finland. SWR can be heard on the 25 meters frequency band
shortwaves, on frequency 11690 or 11720 kHz. We will be on the air at
the first Saturday of every month at 0:00 - 23:59 local time (+2
UTC).  If our license is granted in time, the first transmission is
held 1st of July 2000.

Our reception area will cover the Nordic countries and the area
around the Baltic Sea. Because of the INTERNATIONAL character of our
station, also English and Swedish are used in addition to the Finnish
as the languages of our radio programmes. The reception area of the
station also brings a possibility to make Finnish music known to our
foreign listeners. For this reason more than half of the music played
will be domestic.

Our purpose is to function as the radio enthusiasts' report channel,
to support, and to promote the radio hobby. We report in the news
events of the radio world and information such as for example the
activity of the sun, which greatly affect in distant radio reception.

More information about SWR can be found in our website:
http://www.swradio.net or by e-mail: info@xxxxxxxxxxx
(via Mike Terry, BDXC-UK, May 10 via DXLD)

I sent them a note asking about the power and location of their txs.
Here's the reply I got:

SWR's transmitting power is going to be 250 watts. Our antenna is
half wave dipole in 20 metres above ground. Virrat, our station
location in Western Finland, is about 150 km north from city of
Tampere. With best regards, (Ville-Veikko Haikarainen, Scandinavian
Weekend Radio, May 9 via Sergei Sossedkin, ODXA via DXLD)

** HUNGARY: Re: passing of Charlie Coutts, R. Budapest: I remember
hearing about this on REE's Radio Waves program (John Norfolk, OKCOK,

** ITALIA / MONACO. Proseguono le trasmissioni RAI del "Notturno
italiano" at- traverso l'impianto monegasco di Radio Montecarlo su
702 kHz, anche dopo la riapertura (temporanea) di Santa Palomba 846
kHz. Secondo quanto ci riferisce Andrea Borgnino, citando fonti di
RAIWay, la stazione relay di Montecarlo e' stata affittata per un
mese ed e' improbabile che il contratto venga rinnovato alla
scadenza. E' intanto confermato che il centro radio di Santa Palomba
e' stato provvisoriamente riattivato con potenza di emissione
ridotta. (fonte: Andrea Borgnino IW1CXZ, Radioincontro May 11)

[Rai 846 is back on the air provisionally with reduced power; the
relay via Monaco on 702 is a one-month contract, not likely to be

** PERU. Hello, Next Sunday is Mothers Day. This is quite a big event
in Peru. The past years, many stations have been on extended
schedule, with special Mothers Day programming. This not only on the
day itself, but also the days before. So it might be interesting to
do some hunting for Peruvian stations this weekend. 73 (Mark
Veldhuis, the Netherlands, hard-core-dx May 12 via DXLD) As we also
pointed out last week on WOR, re LA in general (gh)

** SERBIA. R. Yugoslavia has moved from 9580 to 11870 for English at
0000 and 0430 to NAm (Chris Hambly, Victoria, May 10, DX LISTENING

I was expecting this based on last summer`s behaviour ? tho delayed
by a certain war ? but had not got around to checking it yet. J00
lives! (gh, DXLD)

** SOUTH AMERICA. Dear Friends:

Radio Blandengue from some place in South America will be
on the air next weekend performing his pirate activities on 14565 KHz
LSB according to the following sked:


Saturday May 13 on 14565 Khz LSB

2100 - 2130 Emisora Z del Dragon
2130 - 2200 Radio Sin Fronteras
2200 - 2245 Radio City
2245 - 2300 Radio Blandengue

Sunday May 14 on 14565 Khz LSB

0000 - 0030 Emisora Z del Dragon
0030 - 0100 Radio Sin Fronteras
0100 - 0145 Radio City
0145 - 0200 Radio Blandengue

All reports correct received for snail mail QSL guaranteed, And don't
forget to include 2 IRC. Addresses for reports:
Emisora Z del Dragon, Casilla 159, Santiago 14, CHILE
e-mail: emisoraz@xxxxxxxx
Radio Sin Fronteras, Casilla 159, Santiago 14, CHILE
Radio City, Postfach 220342, 42373 Wuppertal, GERMANY
Radio Blandengue, Box 293, Merlin Ontario N0P 1W0, CANADA
Raul Gonzalez, Operator of Radio Blandengue e-mails:
radio.blandengue@xxxxxxxxxxxxx radio.blandengue@xxxxxxx

http://go.to/blandengue (via hard-core-dx via DXLD)

** UKRAINE / BELARUS. Kviv-Krasne on 171 is again silent. Bernd
Trutenau found a instructive RFE/RL report, which I include below.

The Belorussian 171 kHz transmitter is right now (noon of May 11th)
on air as usual, here in more than 1000 km distance just above the
local noise floor and therefore hardly anything to understand, but
the program style suggests that it is still Radio 1. (Kai Ludwig,

RFE/RL Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine Report Vol. 2, No. 17, 9 May 2000

A Survey of Developments in Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine by
the Regional Specialists of RFE/RL's Newsline Team.

Lvivoblenerho company, which supplies electricity in the region, cut
off power supplies to the Lvivelektrotrans company, which manages
trams and trolleys in Lviv. As a result, the city's electricity-
driven transport ground to a halt. This was the first such occurrence
in the city in the last 100 years, Interfax noted.
  Lvivelektrotrans owes 2.44 million hryvni ($450,000) to
Lvivoblenerho for electricity. The latter's move reflects a harsher
approach to those not paying for electricity supplies, as announced
by Deputy Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko.
  Tymoshenko said that the government on 3 May resolved "to abolish
all restrictions" on cutting off debtors from energy supplies.
Tymoshenko added that neither hospitals, kindergartens, nor military
facilities have been spared from this move. "Electricity, heat, and
gas are commodities like any other, and one needs to pay for them,"
Interfax quoted her as saying.
  According to Tymoshenko, 150-200 million hryvni is lost every
month in shadow-sector electricity sales. She added that this
explains the resistance to reform in the energy sector among its top
officials. (via Kai Ludwig and Wolfganb Büschel, Germany, May 11, DX

** U K. Glenn: Met a BBC reporter from Washington at Elián González`
hearing this morning in Atlanta. He says new BBC director, Dyke, is a
breath of fresh air and has been an improvement. He says one of his
first acts was to end the much-criticized policy that requires the
various radio outlets to pay to get discs from the library or to find
out how to pronounce a word.

I also lamented to him that John Peel appears to disappear from the
BBC WS schedule after next week, replaced on all of the muddied
streams by Steve Lamacq, who plays a more commercial alternative-rock
style than the wide variety of styles Peel has been playing for
decades. It was bad enough that we went from 3 x 30 min Peel every
week to 1 x 25 min. Now we're losing it completely, with absolutely
no explanation in the marginally useful "On Air" magazine. Rgds (Mike
Cooper, Atlanta, May 11, DX LISTENING DIGEST

** U S A. A lengthy thread among WGTG (``World`s Greatest Trash and
Garbage``) and some of its `fans` can be read at:
(via John Norfolk, OKCOK)    ###

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