[HCDX]: Last night TB logs from LA
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[HCDX]: Last night TB logs from LA

the night between Sunday and Monday was more interesting that the previous
two ones as tropical bands from Latin America are concerned.

The most surprising thing I heard this weekend I found on 4855 kHz at 2345
UTC (14 MAY):
Radio Centenario (Bolivia) had a religious program in language which sounded
to me like Dutch (or like a Dutchman speaking German). The signal was weak
and the modulation was not too good, otherwise I think I could recognize the
language. At 0000 UTC they changed into Spanish, so I could hear several IDs
and something what could be called an "Identification Song" with
"Centenario" mentioned many times. Immediately after the song the station
signed off (0002 UTC). Does anybody have more info on that "Dutch" program?

Interesting frequency was 4955 kHz with 3 stations after 2300 UTC: Colombia,
Radio Cultural Amauta (PRU) and one station from Brazil.

I also noted two nice stations from Bolivia:
Radio Yura 4716.76 at 2325 (later with decreasing signal)
Radio Maico (tent) 4796.4 at 2340 UTC

An UNID (LA?) station (reported by me already about two weeks ago) is daily
on 4685.01 kHz. Its signal is very weak. Heard mostly at around 2330 UTC -
probably Bolivia?

Karel Honzik,
the Czech Republic

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