[HCDX]: Voice of Peace
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[HCDX]: Voice of Peace


is the new name for the Interval Signals Archive, a collection of interval
signals, signature tunes, and identification announcements from
international, domestic, and clandestine radio stations around the world. It
also has a new home, at


A recently added clip is of Voice of Peace, which used to  broadcast to
Israel and the Middle East from a ship "somewhere in the Mediterranean" in
the 1970's and 80's. This 4-minute clip, edited from a recording made by
Cypriot DX-er Costas Constantinides circa 1987, includes the following:

1. A canned ID in Hebrew and English
2. "Wish You Peace" by the Eagles - the station played this every day as the
sun was going down.
3. Ad for Montana cigarettes
4. ID in English
5. Ad for Rose-Marie chocolate
6. Weather report in English
7. ID & jingle in English
8. Start of news in Hebrew, relayed from Voice of Israel Network B

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