[HCDX]: More logs
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[HCDX]: More logs

Last night I returned to my "forest" DX site, with mixed results.
Conditions were not as good as the first visit, a number of signals were
audible but generally too close to locals to be able to manage decent
copy. And great trouble IDing what was heard as well. Noise levels came
up very bad from about 0900 (7pm local) which killed off what was heard.

The location, about 50 miles north of Sydney in a State Forest, now has
a 350m terminated longwire at around 45 degrees - (perhaps we should
have left it at 300m unterminated)!

870    Audible, but too weak from local on 873.

1040    Presumed KLHT Hawaii on format, no ID noted. around 0940.

1380    Unidentified, getting hammered by 3MP 1377. Music from a variety
of countries, at 0830 ID sounded like "I'm Chuck Steel, and you're
listening to Atlas (of/at) World Rock(?) from CRI, Cape Radio
International". Then gave possible email address and into more ethnic
music. This was the only one with even a slight chance of enough details
for a report, but any ideas for the log anyway?

1540    Unidentified, quite decent signal but no chance with 5kW station
on 1539 from 50 miles south. Need a phaser!

1650    2 mixing it here, one talk and one music around 1000. Noise
levels just too high by this stage to understand any ID.

1660    Presumed KXOL on format and previous logs, but died 2 minutes
before the hour and ID 0850.

Not a particularly succesful night, and noted that the stations that
hammered in last visit on 1670 and 1680 at around 1000 weren't even
raising a carrier this time around. Definitely needs more work.

(50 miles north of Sydney, Australia)
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