[HCDX]: Panama on SW?
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[HCDX]: Panama on SW?

I found an interesting page in the Net, at the Baptist Radio International
web site. There's a page entitled "Baptist Radio Stations in Central
America" at


There are short introductions of a.o. Radio Kekchi and Radio Buenas
Nuevas/HRET and following entry on a proposed station:

"Proposed: Radio Guaymí
Larry McCoy
Apdo. 823
Davíd, Chiriquí, PANAMA
500w short-wave station
Target audience: 40,000 Guaymí (indigenous people group)
Language: Guaymí and Spanish"

The page hasn't been updated since 1998, so the initiative might have been
buried.  Has anybody updated information on this?

73 de PUL,
Pentti Lintujärvi, Helsinki, Finland
Webmaster of 1000 Lakes DX Page at

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