Re: [HCDX]: Last night TB logs from LA
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Re: [HCDX]: Last night TB logs from LA

Piet Pijpers from the Netherlands suggested your "Dutch" may also have been
"Platt Düts" (or whatever one may spell it). In our area we have some people
who originally come from the north of Germany and regularly tell me that
when we speak Dutch at home (I am a Dutchman living in Germany since 13
years), they can understand a lot of words because it sounds just like the
local dialect they used to speak when they were little children in that
In fact this would make more sense to me than regular Dutch.  There may be a
few scattered Dutchmen in Bolivia, but I wonder if this would qualify for a
radioprogram.  Germans tend to stick together much more and cultivate their
heritage to the extreme (if I may say so).

On second thoughts : A few years ago a group of Dutch origin was discovered
in Brasil. Their ancestors emigrated more than 100 years ago, but they still
spoke the local Dutch dialect from the are where I come from - their area of
origin. So maybe the Germans are not so extreme after all........

Aart Rouw
Bühl, Germany

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Von: Karel Honzik <karel.honzik@xxxxxx>

>The most surprising thing I heard this weekend I found on 4855 kHz at 2345
>UTC (14 MAY):
>Radio Centenario (Bolivia) had a religious program in language which
>to me like Dutch (or like a Dutchman speaking German). The signal was weak
>and the modulation was not too good, otherwise I think I could recognize
>language. At 0000 UTC they changed into Spanish, so I could hear several
>and something what could be called an "Identification Song" with
>"Centenario" mentioned many times. Immediately after the song the station
>signed off (0002 UTC). Does anybody have more info on that "Dutch" program?

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