Re: [HCDX]: Panama on SW?/New TG too
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Re: [HCDX]: Panama on SW?/New TG too

Hadn't heard anything about it. If you continue down the
same page there is also a new proposed Guatemalan on SW. 
Here are the details, copied from the page 
( ):

Proposed: Radio Bautista 
Manager: Isaac Batz 
San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala 

1 KW; AM daytimer/500-watt SW/250-watt FM 
Languages: Tzutuil, Cakchiquel, Quiche and Spanish
Coverage Area: 50-mile radius around Lake Atitlán for AM;
local FM reception; 100 mile radius
for SW reception.
Potential audience: 1,100,000 
Proposed format: Music and religious and educational
programs in the indigenous languages; 
social and religious spots on the breaks.

Sponsoring entity: The group of 10 Baptist churches around
Lake Atitlán. There are two sizeable
Baptist churches in San Pedro La Laguna--Primera and

I did post a note to their feedback section asking if they
have any more recent information on the two stations. 

If anyone has been thinking of making a large financial
donation to a religious organization, I suspect there are a
lot of DXers on this list that would agree that the
proposed station in Panama sounds like a very worthy
project for 
your money, ;-).

Don Moore     mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx
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