[HCDX]: Questioning La Voz del Layo
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[HCDX]: Questioning La Voz del Layo

In a msge to Don Moore, May 21, I asked for his
help to check the name of the river on which the town of
Yura (Bolivia) is located. As many of you may know,
Don has posted a Bolivian map on the web, and as
I didn´t recall the location, I asked him for the
address, which is
I found the map, had a look on it, but, unfortunately,
I didn´t resolve the matter in a satisfactory way. So in
my msge for Don I wrote, among other things, as follows,
>I was checking the name of the river where the town
>of Yura is situated. Unfortunately, I can´t read it.
>I am sort of questioning their reported slogan "La Voz del Layo"
>(unless Layo is the name of the river or something).
>I was thinking of another possibility; "La Voz del Ayllu".
>Time will tell.

Now, in today´s SWB, just in, courtesy of Thomas Nilsson,
I am glad to find a report by Rolf Wikström who says he has had
a letter of verification from Rolando Cueto, "periodista"
(journalist), and founder of R Yura, "La Voz de
los Ayllus", running 1 kW on 4715 kHz.
In Rolf´s QSL-letter, the meaning of Ayllu is explained in
Spanish. In plain English, and quoting an appropriate country study
- that of Peru - published by the Federal Research Division of the Library of
it says,
>a self-governing and land-owning peasant communtiy in the
>Andean highlands. May refer to either a village, a kinship
>group, or a class-like organization, usually based on collective
>agriculture. Although a pre-Columbian term, ayllu has been used
>as a synonym for contemporary highland Peasant Communities.
I haven´t heard the station myself. Actually, I have not
been active on the bands since the end of 1998. But as the originally
proposed slogan, "La Voz del Layo", didn´t make much sense to me,  
I wanted to know by looking on a good map if there was a
topographical clue in there or not.