[HCDX] Jembatan DX No.107
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[HCDX] Jembatan DX No.107

JEMBATAN DX NO.107     26 November 2000

edited by Juichi Yamada

Credit is given to the original contributors and Jembatan DX. 
Reproducein this newsletter is prohibited without permission of

Contribution on this issue is:

Juichi Yamada, JAPAN
Cumbre DX, U.S.A.

Many thanks.

*: Sign on or sign off.
+: Fade in or fade out.
SCI: the Song of the Coconut Islands.
RPK: Rayuan Pulau Kelapa. Same as above.

All times in UTC.

DX LOGGINGS-----------------------------------------------------------

 3232.14 RRI Bukittinggi (presumed). reactivated? this day only.  1401 
         unstable carrier, excited woman announcer with short 
         announcements and plenty of musical bridges.  Good signal, 
         hadn't noticed this at 1330.  Strongest Indo in 90 mb, but
         fading fast. (Nov 22, 2000, Hans Johnson via Cumbre DX No.322)

 4753.4  RRI Makassar. Dangdut music at 1358 and telephone coversations
         started at 1402. Local news was not observed at 1400. Fair.
         (Nov 18, 2000, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)

 6153.8  RRI Biak. Jkarta news relay at 1210. ID by male at 1227 then
         local pops. Fair.
         (Nov 18, 2000, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)

11760.0  RRI Jakarta, Cimanggis. Dangdut music at 1253. Canned ID at
         1256 as "Cintaku Indonesia...RRI Programa Nasional" then SCI,
         "Warta Berita Keuangan dan Industri" at 1300. The ending
         music was returned from "Satu Nusa Satu Bangsa" to "Bagimu
         Negri". Fair to poor due to heavy interference.
         (Nov 18, 2000, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)

DX NEWS--------------------------------------------------------------

The next ramadan in Indonesia will start on 27 November(local time).
  (Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)

The office of V.O.Indonesia was remodeled about two weeks ago.
  (Nov 26, 2000, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)

The frequency of V.O.Indonesia for Europe seemed to be fixed on 9525kHz.
  Recently I have not observed the usage of 11785kHz and 15150kHz at 
  (Nov 26, 2000, Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)


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