[HCDX] 60m-Tropical Logs
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[HCDX] 60m-Tropical Logs

Nice conditions on the tropical bands last night!

Here are some receptions done in the south-east of Cologne, Germany:
(All receptions done with JRC NRD 525 and ALA1530 1m-magnetic loop, mounted
on a rotator)

6956.57  2340UT  2611  PRU  R. La Voz del Campesino, Spanish, male speaker,
very nice LA-mx  SINPO 23332

5005.03  2350UT  2611  NPL  R. Nepal, local language, traditional mx, signal
at 0000UT about 34322-3

5040.05  0030UT  2711  EQA  La Voz del Upano, Spanish, male and female
speaker taking turns in presenting a local sports event. Very fast
commentaries. "Macas, Morona Santiago" could be heard very often, sometimes
"Ecuador" and "tradicion del Upano". At 02:15UT still on the air. Very
audible signal here with SINPO 3-44333.  I think, the tropical band
transmitter was turned on for this specific sports event.

4990.95  0125UT  2711  SUR?  I could hear an easy listening music program,
sounded like a nightprogram with contemporary music. Definitely no
Latin-american music! The music was played without interruptions of an
announcement, not even at full hour. I believe, I heard a time signal at
02:30UT dubbed into the playing music (SUR local time = UTC - 3 1/2h).
SINPO not more than 23322. Some qrm by utility voice traffic.

My question to all of you listening to the tropical bands:
Could that have been R. Apintie from Suriname on 4990.95?
I really would appreciate views, comments and experiences on that subject!
If you do not want to reply over the list, you can mail to:
Thank you.

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