Re: [HCDX] 60m-Tropical Logs
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Re: [HCDX] 60m-Tropical Logs

Silken Medert wrote:

> 4990.95  0125UT  2711  SUR?  I could hear an easy listening music program,
> sounded like a nightprogram with contemporary music. Definitely no
> Latin-american music! The music was played without interruptions of an
> announcement, not even at full hour. I believe, I heard a time signal at
> 02:30UT dubbed into the playing music (SUR local time = UTC - 3 1/2h).
> SINPO not more than 23322. Some qrm by utility voice traffic.
> My question to all of you listening to the tropical bands:
> Could that have been R. Apintie from Suriname on 4990.95?
> I really would appreciate views, comments and experiences on that subject!

>From what I've listened to the station, it could very well be them. Also the split fq matches. But of course you need more solid program details before you can be sure. During the years I've heard them tentatively several times, but never well enough to be able to send a reception report. Radio Apintie by the way is one of the stations, which is in
the web radio section of my website, under links. If you have the Windows Mediaplayer, you can listen to Radio Apintie online. Unfortunately the net connection to Suriname is not very good, and constant rebuffering makes listening to the station rather difficult.


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