[HCDX] BBC Asian Network expands
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[HCDX] BBC Asian Network expands

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United Kingdom

27 November 2000: From today, the BBC is extending the coverage of its
domestic Asian Network, using mediumwave frequencies reassigned from BBC
local radio. In addition to existing services in the Midlands on 828, 837
and 1458kHz, the service is now available as follows (all times UTC):

Peterborough 1449kHz 24h (incl. local programmes Sat/Sun 1300-1500)

Leeds/Bradford 774kHz 1800-0100 (incl. local programmes 1800-1900 plus Tues
2000-2100 and on Sunday night).

Sheffield 1035kHz Mon-Fri 1900-0100, plus local programmes Sat/Sun
1900-0100. From 1900-2200 Mon-Fri during Ramadan, additional local
programmes replace network programmes.

Blackburn/Preston 855kHz: Mon-Sat 1900-0100, plus local programmes Sun
Derby 1116kHz: Mon-Thurs 1900-0100, Fri 2100-0100, plus local programmes Sat
1900-2100 & Sun 1800-0100.

Luton 630kHz: Mon-Fri 2100-0100.

Vijay Sharma, Editor of the BBC Asian Network, says: "I am delighted that
the BBC is making our service more easily available to more people across
the country. We have steadily expanded from programmes on BBC local radio
stations in Leicester and Birmingham to become a full time network on
digital satellite and on the internet. We know that not everyone has the
opportunity to hear us through satellite dishes and computers - and this
move to get us on more radios is very welcome and important."

More details at www.bbc.co.uk/england/asiannetwork/index.shtml

Andy Sennitt

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