[HCDX] Logs - from Denmark and a bit abt Vatican use of 6185
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[HCDX] Logs - from Denmark and a bit abt Vatican use of 6185

Radio Vanuatu observed this morning 0703 (when Radio Villa signed off). Weak but gradually improving and providing an excellent signal around 0745-0815. Very varied programme in three languages consisting of music, talk, radio drama, pop music and several IDs.  From 0815 till around 0900 the signal became weaker and weaker.
Frequency is around 4960.02 or 4960.03 as far as I can measure.

On 4990.94 Radio Apintie (tent) was heard around the same time with a fairly good signal but very weak modulation, so very had to copy what was being said. 

Globo FM logged on 11804.62 kHz on November 22th at 2025 with a lively programme and Portuguese IDs as "Globo FM" - no "Radio Globo" ID heard. Gone at retune 2110, so s/off was probably around 2100. Fairly good signal - best on LSB.
Radio Gaucha - same date - on 11915.02 kHz with a solid signal at 2015 UTC. Also extremely fine a couple of days earlier - November 20th - at 2235 UTC. Then I noticed that they were on 11915.05 kHz.  
Also good is Radio Anhanguera on 11830 kHz (also heard on 4915) till abrubt s/off at 2232 UTC. Noted on November 20th.
Radio Filadelfia noted here in Denmark (tent) on second harmonic 12209.89 kHz with a very weak signal November 20th at 2240 UTC.

Radio Miskut (5770 kHz) noted signing off at 2400 UTC on November 21st.

Radio Verdad logged here at 0005 UTC on 4052.48 kHz with a weak signal but catched the ID and enjoyed (?) some psalms.

Radio Tacna is on an almost clear channel - 9504.6v kHz - from 2327 UTC when Radio Veritas signs off here. Weak here on November 21st. Dont confuse Radio Tacna with Radio Record (on 9504.97 kHz).
At the same time 2330 Radio Vitoria from Lima is audible (with a little luck and a good aerial) on 9720.42. Heard here on November 20th. 

I've been in touch with the technical management of Vatican Radio regarding their use of 6185 kHz in the morning. Vatican Radio is completely spoiling the reception of Radio Education here in Denmark till 0745 UTC. Would otherwise be very good. 
Heres part of the reply: 
"During the summer season we signed off 6185 kHz at 0500 UTC, but for the
present "winter" season we are extending the use of this frequency to
Central-East Europe not only due to radiopropagation conditions, but also
for the change in local time in Europe. We did the same for many years in
the past and we didn't receive any complain by any broadcasters the less by
Mexican Authority.
The service of Radio Education from Mexico has been notified for CIRAF zone
10 (Mexico) only   which means that it is not intended for Europe, our taget
But the Technical Direction of Vatican Radio Frequency Management finish off by saying that I can be "rest assured that we'll take into consideration your suggestion in the future if there will be the possibility".
So perhaps ...
Btw isnt Vatican Radio causing interference to Radio Education in NAm around this time ??

Best of 73s

Stig Hartvig Nielsen, Denmark

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