Re: [HCDX] /Not only/ for our Finnish members
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Re: [HCDX] /Not only/ for our Finnish members

Hi Karel,
thanks for the file. Yes it is Finnish bc station. Maybe you
already got the station name from someone in Finland.
I didn't id it as yet. There seems to be station jingle in
the extreme end of the file. Still working on it :-).

Do you or someone on the list know what is the uplink 
frequency (approximate) of these satellites. Seemingly
it is same as our terrestial bc studio/network feeders.
Jari Savolainen

> Hi,
> is anybody of our Finnish members interested to listen to one interesting
> recording made on 257.607 MHz (a military satellite - FleetSatcom 
> or UFO?).
> The radio station speaks Finnish (or Estonian?) and we heard it playing
> Russian oldies.
> Catched on our DX Camp in summer 2000 here in the Czech Republic.
> These satelites relay accidentally a couple of radio stations 
> (rather their
> feeders) from countries like Colombia, Philippines, Brasil etc.
> The audio file is in MP3, 144 kB, 53 seconds.
> If you are interested, just drop me a line:
> karel.honzik@xxxxxx
> We will appreciate your help to identify this station.
> Many thanks + GOOD DX,
> Karel Honzik
> the Czech Republic
> ************************

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