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Re: Re [HCDX] loggings

That's interesting. Because until now I had two different entries in the
5029,9 Voice of Vietnam, Hanoi Hmong Service: 12oo-16oo, ex 5o35
5034,8 R. Dai Tieng Noi irr 11oo-12oo Vietn; o5oo-o6oo & 12oo-133o,
22oo-23oo Hmong Service, ex  5036.1, 5o29.9, // 6165

It could be the case that these entries are about the same station. Any
definite ID would be highly appreciated ;-)


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Subject: Re [HCDX] loggings

> on 27th November Mark Veldhuis wrote:
> 5029.9, UNID Asian, Nov. 26, 2220, Not CNR1, which was audible on 5030.0
> kHz. Asian type music. Around 2230 also some talk, but signal rapidly
> weaker. Couldn't ID language. RTM Sarawak? Thanks Jay Novello tip on IRC
> #swl. 23332 (Veldhuis)
Dave Kernick replied:
> On this frequency I regularly hear what I've tentatively ID'ed as the
> of Vietnam regional station at Dai Tieng Noi, in a vernacular language.

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