[HCDX] great Latin American conditions + some Ramadan TA's
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[HCDX] great Latin American conditions + some Ramadan TA's

I noticed some really good Latin American conditions
this past weekend (1-3 DEC) both from home and from
Cape Cod.

On Friday night (approx. 0300 Saturday UTC) at home,
I had some seldom-heard Mexicans such as XEOY-1000
and XEEP-1060 along with the more common ones on
730, 900, and 940.  Also I noted the 1529.53 station
believed to be Uruguay.  It put a good het on the
WSAI/Sao Tome-1530 mix, but audio was too murky to
extract ID material.

On Saturday night, from the Cape (E. Harwich), I had
Brazil-1220, "boatloads" of Venezuelans, and a lot
of other interesting stuff from Latin America and
the Caribbean.  Besides all of that, there was
some TA activity.  Islamic stations on late for
Ramadan provided good catches such as UAE on 1476
parallel to 13675 SW.  Saudi-1521 and Mauritania-783
were huge and were apparently on full-time schedules.

The auroral activity combined with the west-nulling
pennant antenna I temporarily installed at E. Harwich
put the DX right up front and made New York stations
sound weaker than I've heard them from Europe.

All in all, a good DX weekend.  Details later.


Mark Connelly - WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA 
e-mail: MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxxxxx 
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