Re: [HCDX] KONG5 DX-pedition to Arctic Norway
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Re: [HCDX] KONG5 DX-pedition to Arctic Norway

Hi Guido,

> But it seems to be a habit amongst MW-DXers, not to include any reference to
> signal quality.  It seems like the Nordic, American and British MW-DXers are
> reporting their achievements this way.  I can't imagine why.  It is quite
> common to include SIO or SINPO ratings in logbooks, so why not including
> those figures when reporting MW catches?  It makes a hell of a difference if
> you can hear station XYZ at armchair listening level with O/4 to 5, or if
> you have to prick up your ears at its utmost.

Reason is simple: Reception quality from longdistant stations on MW
differs totally from SW. It makes sense to say, that you heard ELWA 4760
with SINPO 23342. Reception quality will be more or less constant over a
longer period.

Not so with MW-signals on a DXpedition. A signal can come on within a
minute, stay there with a SINPO of let's say 44444 for 3 or 4 minutes,
then fades away and you will never hear it again in your life. What the
heck makes a SINPO rating in such case? You can't say, that it was an
easy catch due to the good SINPO.


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