FW: [HCDX] Address req: BFBS N.Ireland
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FW: [HCDX] Address req: BFBS N.Ireland

Yes you would definitely need to add UK to any BFPO address if posting from
outside the UK. All BFPO mail is processed through the BFPO sorting office
in North London. So, even if say the BFPO address was actually in Bosnia
(for example) you must not put Bosnia on the envelope as it could result in
your letter getting mis-sorted to that country's postal system instead of
into the BFPO system. 
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I've never been clear about writing to BFPO addresses from outside the UK?
Is the quoted form of address sufficient, or should one add United Kingdom? 
Mike Barraclough wrote:

Address is BFBS Northern Ireland, BFPO 825   

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