[HCDX] With Respect for R. Australia
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[HCDX] With Respect for R. Australia

In a HCDX posting dated 6th December, Bob Padula wrote: -

"Press coverage has largely ignored all references to the loss of RA HF or
ABC/RA Internet output; many Australians (me included) regard RA as a waste
of time and money, consuming scarce financial and other resources, which
could be diverted into more useful activities.

The strike began at 0100 UTC on December 5, and was for 24 hours only. Who
knows? Who really cares!!"

Bob Padula
Melbourne, Australia

Another Aussie responded to Padula on HCDX today thus:

"That's a curious attitude.  Though everyone is entitled to an opinion, I can
assure others on the list that the above is not one that is shared by the
vast majority of Dxers and SWL enthusiasts in Australia.   Most thinking
people in this country value the contribution of our public sector national
and international broadcasting organisations.    The lack of press coverage
on the RA outage is typical of the (commercial) domestic media here, and I
don't know that enough Australian's actually know enough about RA's
activities for any significant number to have a negative perception."

Craig Seager

Mr. Seager is right on target.  Radio Australia is a beacon of objective
reason and representation of Oz as it has for five decades.  RA projects an
Aussie image of rugged frontier persistence combined with a 'can do'
attitude.  RA 9580 KHz has been a morning guest in my home nearly 50 years
prompting several personal visits to 'Roo land.  Shortwave broadcasting can
ill afford further diminished presence.  Radio Australia does not deserve
international public criticism of 'curious attitude.'  Thinking Aussies may
be proud of Radio Australia.

73 from Bill Smith, W5USM
    "Shortwave Since 1950"