Re: [HCDX] Important QSLs?
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Re: [HCDX] Important QSLs?

In einer eMail vom 07.12.00 00:06:29 MEZ, schreiben Sie:

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 Hi all,
 I for one DO want to see details of QSLs published, particularly from
 domestic broadcasters and "black" verifiers... so saying, I would draw the
 line at QSLs from international broadcasters like R Australia, VOA etc...
 this is supposed to be Hard Core DX and I guess the previously mentioned and
 their kin aren't hard core for anyone on this list!
 The station might only be a local to Patrick Martin etc but it is often a
 'hold-out' for me! And I have obtained many QSLs from following up
 information posted right here on Hard Core DX, kindly provided by a DXer
 willing to share his fortune with us.
 If we stop publishing the details of QSLs - simply because it isn't of
 interest to all, then apply that "logic" to all subjects, and we'd be
 getting no e-mails at all and Hey! we can even do away with our Delete
 I frequently share QSL info, not because I'm gloating - that is not my
 nature.. I'm hoping that by offering a tidbit of information someone else
 can benefit.

I fully agree! I also want this kind of info in HCDX. I can tell you there is 
always a number of messages in HCDX I (personally) am not interested in. But 
others are perhaps - and each computer has a "Delete" button. So it's up to 
everybody to decide what one reads or not.

Best 73's

Hans-Dieter Buschau
Hildesheim, Germany
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