Re: [HCDX] Important QSLs?
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Re: [HCDX] Important QSLs?

The reason DXers post to several lists is everyone does not get all
lists. If you post to several DX lists, then most DXers will see the
posting. I still feel as many do, QSLing to a huge part of the DXing
hobby and should be included with the postings of HCDX. Isn't the list
for hard to hear DX? Well QSLing hard to hear DX is also just as
important. There are many postings on HCDX that does not involve hard to
hear DX, like much International SW. So if we are going to be picky,
then there are other postings that should not be on HCDX. This DX hobby
is for all DXers no matter if it is SW or MW, including QSLs. Since the
origional QSL posting, I have received several e mails from DXers around
the world that good forward to QSL postings. As Paul Ormandy said
earlier, there is no ego involved here, just trying to help others who
like to QSL stations. I also click the delete button most of the time,
but so what. I would rather do that than miss one peace of valuable DX
information.  Please  be considerate to others. Thanks you.

73s, Patrick

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